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Ray & Rosa Hicks

“The Last of the Old-Time Storytellers”
A PBS documentary film on one year in the life of America’s patriarch of storytellers, Ray Hicks and his wife Rosa. Special thanks to Jane and Charles Hadley.

Stanley & Ray Hicks

Roving Gambler (1982) – Alan Lomax Archive

Ray Hicks

Rubin (1982) – Alan Lomax Archive

Ray Hicks

On Hunting with Jack (1982) – Alan Lomax Archive

Ray Hicks and Others from Beech Mountain

Ray Hicks & Other Beech Mountain Folks, Short film trailer – ETSU Archive

The following videos are from a Benefit in May 2012 honoring and raising funds for the Hicks family. Family and friends of Ray Hick’s gathered together to tell “Jack tales.”

Gwenda Ledbetter
David Novak

Telling “Jack & the Robbers” & “Jack & the Beanstalk” at benefit May 2012

Vixi Jil Glenn

Telling an original Jack Tale & song “Burglar Man” at benefit May 2012

Connie Regan-Blake

Telling about Hicks family & “Big Jack, Little Jack” at benefit May 2012

Ted Hicks

Telling “Jack & the Heifer Hide” at benefit May 2012

Rosa Hicks

Singing “The New River Train” with Ted & audience at benefit May 2012